About Us

Craig J. DeLuz, Owner

Uncommon Sense Media Group (Formerly The Jazmine Group) was founded in 1998 specifically to work with non-profit groups and issue-based political organizations. It was our desire to help these entities achieve their goals by developing a clear vision, implementing strong internal controls and providing organizational leadership. Services provided included executive staffing, public relations, organizational development, communications and event planning.

In 2008 the transition was made to Uncommon Sense Media Group, with an expanded mission. Our new goal was to not only provide our clients with internal focus and organization, but to also provide external communications, outreach and influence. Expanded services included: Legislative advocacy, Website development & management, media management, Op-Eds, social media management,  and video production.

Today, US Media is diverse group of experienced service providers with decades of exprience in Commumincations, Public Relations, Web Development and more.


Our Partners



Wood Internet Services provides website development, hosting, security, domain support, IT support, and other technical services that allow our clients to successfully market their business online. Lastly, included in this service is our WordPress SecurityNOW service, providing a 10-step process to safeguarding your website.



Creates amazing and inspiring video productions, both commercial and artistic.



Provide Public Relations, Marketing Media, Crisis Management & Grassroots Organizational services for individuals & organizations on local, statewide and national levels.